About Leadomatic

What is Leadomatic?

Leadomatic is an online work platform for sales team with a new take on how everyday work gets done. It gives sales executives more power than ever before to manage data & work in an efficient way. Leadomatic is a service solution to keep all your Contacts, Lead's & activities in a centralized place for all sales executives of your organization. The system brings together all the information, activities, todos to keep all action items been performed and not lead is left out.

Why Leadomatic?

Researchers say that only 30-40% of enquiry leads get converted into qualified leads. 70% of qualified leads want to but are not ready to buy your services. So what happens to those leads which are not ready? One or two conversations or followups will not close the sale. So what should be done? Answer is simple: Track, Follow-up & Nuture the lead to close the deal. Leadomatic can definitely help you do that by its way to keep all your leads centrally with all past activities and follow-up action items. After all, your marketing investment should give you results not not just the enquirers.

How Leadomatic?

Leadomatic brings all contacts, leads, activities & thier next action items To Dos together in one centralized place. Cases/leads if required can be even shared between multiple executives to work together. Sales Head / Management is aware of what's going on with the leads, statistics on which marketing techniques works well, which stage the leads are in, how does your pipline looks like and various other benefits. No more sharing of Excel files, filtering out duplicates, merging, normalizing and month-end synchronizations as everything is in-sync everytime.

Resulting in - no more bottlenecks, no more blind spots, no more unavailable info and no disconnection.

Our Mission

To help you grow your business!
By providing your business a robust system to handle your sales cycle, imporve efficiency and closing more deals.