Leadomatic: Dashboard / Report

Past interactions helps you filter in/out a candidate for a vacancy.

Leadomatic Dashboard/Report provide executive and managers with real-time information about leads, todos and activities. Automatic consolidation of sales proceedings from across teams reveals the information that management need to understand the pipeline and build business strategies.

CVMS Pro helps you keep all interactions together for each candidate individually. Going forward through your recruitment cycle, you want to know: who spoken him last, what was communicated, has this candidate already gone through some interviews etc etc. This gives you an entire track record of a candidate in your company.

Candidate Interactions means:

  • Realtime information of leads, todos, activities
  • Statistics on leads sources, leads stages
  • Today & Past Todos / Lead activities
  • Activities worked on by whom and when
  • Entire team activities worked on for managers
  • No DSR consolidation to see day activities by executives

  • As explained in Wikipedia, Lead Management is a term used in general business practice to describe methodologies, system and practices designed to generate new potential business clientele, generally operated through a variety of marketing techniques. It´s a process or a practice to be executed on enquiries or suspects to filter them as prospects and work on them continuously till they become your customers. Customerism and business relationships will be built later only if the suspect buys your product / services. Hence managing your leads is the crucial first step of your sales & post-sales cycle. An effective lead management initiative is the one which can bring business even from dead opportunities.
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    Researches says, about 30-40% of enquiries gets converted into qualified leads. Only 5% of leads close quickly. 70% of qualified leads want to buy your products/services but are not ready now. 40-50% of these qualified leads will buy eventually. But in reality, these eventual possible qualified leads always get dropped & forgotten. Sales team always focuses on those 5% of quick closures. Once early closures are done, their focus shifts to bringing in more leads. Businesses always focus on finding new marketing techniques, different ways of generating leads and spending money on them but never looks back on what happened to those 70% qualified leads? Businesses only need an extra push and a close tracking eye to nurture those 40-50% of qualified leads to close the deal. And… Leadomatic helps you doing it.
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    Are you using some kind of lead management system already? Or using some format of excel files to maintain and manage your lead or contacts? And… whatever you are doing now, Is your lead management software an obstacle instead of an aid to your business growth?

    Leadomatic provides a modern, flexible, very easy-to-use – a web based lead management SaaS software. Leadomatic is easy to adapt within your marketers & sales team. Leadomatic´s hosted solution ensures that you won´t outgrow your deployment. Leadomatic always gives you control over your data and let you access your system from any geographic location anytime.
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    Don´t confuse this with a contact manager or an excel sheet with the columns to track their name, email ids and phone nos. Closing a deal is much more than that when your sales people have to make multiple rounds of phone calls, writing emails, chats, visits etc. Your business is so dependent on your sales personnel for any kind of information & stage evaluation of your leads and business pipeline. Leadomatic provides a single view to all your lead information (contact & activities) so far to empower your team to make educated, insight and fruitful conversations with your leads even if your sales staff changes.
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