How Leadomatic Works?

It's all about Leads / Opportunities and how well they are maintained to services and support them. Leadomatic is a tool that bridges the gap between marketing and sales. It's a customer acquisition process which identifies the enquiries (leads) as opportunities (potential buyers), engages with them, and closes the sales. Leadomatic works in 4 simple steps:

(1) Punching-in a contact / lead

The team members at a business entity are meeting various people. They come across in contact to lots of people. These are the people those who came in contact from networking meetings, groups, website enquiry forms, Facebook posts, Tweet follow-up, Linked In network etc.

(2) Creating Opportunity

Every contact in touch may not need your business services and hence every contact is not an opportunity. Generate opportunity and record the requirements a contact is looking for.

(3) Performing Activity

When an opportunity is defined, there are various ways the sales team works on it including Email, Chat, Phone call, Visit etc. Each activity will have conversation which needs to be bulleted to help the team prepare for the next activity and also when there is change in following-up team member.

(4) Eye on Calendar to stop missing a scheduled appointment

There are numerous interactions performed by a sales team on an Opportunity to make a sale. Each conversation may require a follow-up and pre-scheduling an appointment for future dates. Sales team needs a better system to let them know their follow-up schedules for a day as kind of To Do List.