Product Overview

For your sales team
to improve sales & revenue

Your team can work even on old 'not ready then' leads to nuture & close deals. Assigned team members / seniors can see past activities of processings / interations with prospects & make strategies for next game plan. Simpler to use the system which work the way you work.

  • Manage Contacts

    Manage your contact people profiles in one place. Get out of spreadsheets & emails and enjoy easy search & quick info.

  • Manage Leads / Cases

    Manage multiple leads/cases for respective contacts. Quick view, quick logging of activity / interaction, schedule next action.

  • To Do / Activities

    Manage your To Do items / activities. Be updated with what your sales team have communicated with the contact so far.

  • Notes / References

    Record / manage your notes or reference content for yourself and share the same with your entire team centrally.

  • Calendar / Scheduling

    To view your calendar by day, week or month of your planned activities. Work on your activities right from your calendar.

  • Dashboard / Report

    Executives and managers will have real-time information about leads, activities and automatic consolidation of sales data.