How to Manage Leads to Close Deals

As a company, you would probably be spending a lot of time and money generating leads and always wanted to have prospective & qualified leads. Generating leads itself is a big investment for any company and hence cannot be taken it lightly. The outcome leads of your marketing strategies are very valuable to be worked on by your sales team to nurture them and close those deals. But, how many of those 'Enquiry Leads' turns into 'Qualified Leads' and finally turned into 'Closed Deals'?

Researchers say that only 30-40% of enquiry leads get converted into qualified leads. 70% of qualified leads want to buy but are not ready to buy your services.

Above research numbers are very promising when the gaps (our left out leads) can be worked on and get them turned to be your customers. This can happen. How?

Answer is simple: Track, Follow-up and Nurture Leads!

Always track what's going on with the leads in terms of: discussion, phone call, emails, visits, chats etc. Keep a record of every transaction you had with your lead. Always record who did that interaction, what was the discussed and what the outcome of it is. This is important when you have another sales executive to work on the same lead in future and also when you / leads get into discussion later in future.

Follow-up with your leads (whether at enquiry level or qualified level) is always required. Don't let them think they are left over on themselves. Be a problem-solver and offer your ears to hear their problems. Remember, your follow-up emails or conversations should always be started with reference to your previous discussion (which you will get from tracking them).

Lead Nurturing is a process which every marketer use to build relationships with their prospects even when they are not yet ready to buy; in order to win their business whenever they are ready. This involves keeping in touch with such prospects via emails, phone calls etc to keep them updated with related contents, offers, communications etc. You do all this to keep your presence live in their mind.

'Leadomatic' can help you work on leads generated with your invested money and time; by tracking all activities and keeping your sales team updated.

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