Online Leadomatic, a good choice?

Yes it is and really a great way!
Leadomatic provides a modern, flexible, very easy-to-use - a web based lead management SaaS software. Leadomatic is easy to adapt within your marketers & sales team.

Its easy to work with online version of Leadomatic as its hosted on an inernet server and will be available from anywhere anytime. The sales team can be anywhere (even at the client site) updating the lead activity and others getting the updated information at home or office.

No Additional Cost
There is no cost for purchasing hardware and any kind of software. The good thing is, no additional cost of maintaining inhouse server and hiring server maintenance resource. You save a lot, right?

Securtiy of Data
All data is secure and backuped up daily. Leadomatic always gives you control over your data and let you access it. NO request No charges. You can export your contacts & leads anytime from anywhere. Your data is stored in full confidence as we comply with stringent security criteria.

Speed of Deployment
Opting for online hosted application means you can be up and running with a lead management application almost immediately. There is no need for additional hardware or installation time and the system can be scaled with additional users as required.

Leadomatic's hosted solution ensures that you won't outgrow your deployment. Leadomatic always gives you control over your data and let you access your system from any geographic location anytime.

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