Why Lead Management?

Researches says, about 30-40% of enquiries gets converted into qualified leads. Only 5% of leads close quickly. 70% of qualified leads want to buy your products/services but are not ready now. 40-50% of these qualified leads will buy eventually. But in reality, these eventual possible qualified leads always get dropped & forgotten. Sales team always focuses on those 5% of quick closures. Once early closures are done, their focus shifts to bringing in more leads.

Businesses always focus on finding new marketing techniques, different ways of generating leads and spending money on them but never looks back on what happened to those 70% qualified leads? Businesses only need an extra push and a close tracking eye to nurture those 40-50% of qualified leads to close the deal.

Getting a handle on leads is a huge issue at many organizations. As leads come in from different sources and are recorded by different people using different methods without a central repository, it becomes difficult to know their status. Infact, difficult to even know if team is working on them or they are just a good numbers of organization's sales forecast. Management / seniors can't see what's happening to the leads after giving them to sales team So what to do?.

Lead management practices gives a way to all these problems. All these leads will go to a central system and will be operated from there. Since the system becomes a central repository for all the leads, their respective activities and next action schedule; it provides complete transparency and visibility into what's happening with each lead in realtime. The great thing is, organization is always aware of current stages of its leads. No confusions & no merging data to get the real nos. at various levels of sales pipeline. With the practice of defining junk / waste leads, organizations get an added advantage to narrow down their best marketing source.

'Leadomatic' can help you with such management practices to work in favour of organizations and keeping leads centrally to make the sales team more efficient in order to freeze most of the deals successfully.

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