What is Leadomatic?

Leadomatic is a tool that bridges the gap between marketing and sales. It's a customer acquisition process which identifies the enquiries (leads) as opportunities (potential buyers), engages with them, and closes the sales.

Every business works on leads and focuses on generating sales and hence the revenue. Managing leads and closing deals is an entire business strategy. The transformation steps include:

Contact refers to an entity that looks forward towards some product or services. These are the people those who came in contact from networking meetings, groups, website enquiry forms etc.

Opportunity in business refers to a state involving a contact who desires for a product / service from a business entity. The desired product / service may not be suiting to what a business is selling and hence this contact is a potential Lead / Opportunity.

Activities / Follow-up is a process to be executed on an opportunity in order to match-make contact's requirements with the products / services a business is selling. If a business is selling required products & services and if these opportunities are tracked well, they can be turned up into a sales deal / business. It involves interactions with customers or prospects to better understand their requirements and to build an expectation through different channels of communication.